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Kasia Murphy Women Leaders Know their Worth

You may be new to the world of leadership, or an experienced leader; or maybe you’re returning after a break (having a child, changing careers, etc).

If so, the following may be familiar…

  • Anything less than perfection isn’t good enough – but you feel overwhelmed by the pressure
  • You feel guilty for not spending enough time with your family
  • You don’t ask questions in meetings for fear of sounding stupid or incompetent
  • You don’t charge clients as much as you would like to, and discount your services
  • You want to be a respected leader without sounding bossy
  • You avoid having tough conversations
  • When someone hurts your feelings, you analyse every detail forever and rarely forget about it
  • You ask yourself “Who am I to do this or question that?”
  • You don’t really talk about your accomplishments for fear of sounding boastful
  • You apologise in many situations when it’s not needed (“Sorry for the inconvenience”)
  • You ask permission and use words like “just”, “only” and “hopefully”
  • You don’t feel comfortable with being assertive
  • Whenever you make a decision, you worry about what others will say

If any of this rings true, then this programme is definitely for you.

I work with women just like yourself in small groups (maximum 8 ladies). By shifting your mindset, you will learn how to gain confidence by ditching the people-pleasing and perfectionism, and by taking more action, more risks, and failing fast.

One of the most difficult moments for me as a leader and as a mother came when I was fully involved in developing my own company, working 12-hour-days for some time.

One particular day I was called in to my daughter’s school. She was 7 at the time. Mother’s Day was approaching and every child was preparing a portrait for their mum as a surprise. Kids were also talking to their teacher about their plans for that special day.

When it was my daughter’s turn to speak….she couldn’t, as she was very upset and only managed to say that she hasn’t seen her mummy recently and she’s not sure if her mummy will be home for Mother’s Day.

Oh gosh! I still well up to this day. The wake up call I got from my daughter’s teacher was unbearable. The guilt I felt and the inner critic in me telling me I was the worst mother on the planet, were the worst feelings ever!

However, that was all I needed to take action and that’s exactly what I did. I made sure I was home for Mother’s Day and my days were re-organised.

I figured out a way for my business to be successful without me being there 24/7, and most importantly I was more available for my two little children at the time.

I can help you do the same.

What to Expect

The Programme consists of 6 x 3 hrs sessions in your company’s offices (or 8 x 2 hours online)

  • You will feel confident in every situation, and assertive when you need to be
  • You will negotiate effectively for what you want and need, and not diminish your own successes
  • You will use WORDS to your advantage, and stop apologising when it’s unnecessary 
  • You will be clear on your goals and where you’re aiming to be; and be ok with not striving for perfection
  • You’ll have a work-life balance that’s right for you

The sessions are highly practical, with real-life  scenarios, and lots of discussions and fun!

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Session 1 - Leadership Mindset

We begin with who you are as a leader – your values, strengths, personality, your leadership style, and where you are as a leader at the moment. We’ll talk about how women lead, and the mistakes we tend to make in leadership roles too. We’ll use the power of visualisation to look at what your future could be.

Session 2 - Feelings: do they have a role in leadership and the workplace?

The importance of feelings in the workplace is at the heart of this session. You’ll learn how to interpret and understand your own feelings and those of others; what empathy is for, and how to show it; listening skills, and doing it sincerely and effectively; and discussing whether showing vulnerability is really a weakness or not. We’ll bring it all together in how understanding feelings can help you to create trusting relationships.

Session 3 - Help! Having Tough Conversations

It’s time to tackle those situations you shy away from – the difficult conversations! You’ll get a set of tools to use before, during and after those conversations to keep you in control all the way through, and achieve the best outcomes. We’ll also discuss the importance of giving feedback, and how to do it with a winning combination of empathy and assertiveness.

Session 4 - Stress, Anxiety and Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s so important to be compassionate – and you’ll learn how to feel and show compassion for yourself, as well as for others. We’ll cover techniques for dealing with stress and overwhelm, including mindfulness and meditation. You’ll leave with a set of tools for managing yourself and your time to achieve the balance you need.

Session 5 - Watch your Language!

The language you use has a massive effect on how others perceive you, whether you realise it or not! We’ll look at the mistakes we make when we communicate with others; the words we use, and our tone, speed, and clarity; apologising too much; the things we say to ourselves; and authenticity and body language. We will talk about the dangers of imposter syndrome, and how to start believing in yourself.

Session 6 - Wrap Up

Everything comes together to form the big picture in our wrap up session, where we will talk about putting it all into practice as you go forward. You’ll be in the spotlight and “pitching your brand” to the group – which you’ll now be able to do without a second thought! – and you’ll ask for and receive feedback. Then it’s off into your bright new leadership future!

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