Teens Programme (17-19 years)

Confidence. Compassion. Control.

Do you recognise yourself in any of these? 

  • I worry about what others think about me, and struggle with criticism
  • I overthink (a lot, sometimes)
  • I apologise a lot
  • I tend to blame myself when things go wrong
  • I’m not comfortable with being myself

If one, two or more of the above sound familiar, it’s actually GREAT NEWS!

There’s a very special place for you, where you’ll find the help that so many other young people have found already.

Hi, I’m Kasia Murphy!

When I was 17 years old, that described ME perfectly!

Now, I’m 45, a psychologist, and raising confident and compassionate teenagers (my daughter, step-daughter and my son).

I understand exactly what it’s like not being able to do what you really want to do for fear of being criticised – and not raising your hand and speaking up in class, because you think your idea might be stupid.

My teenage children and I have a very close relationship, and we talk honestly about what they’re going through. Quite often they would say to me, “why don’t you do something for teenagers – like special sessions, dedicated to them?”

I felt it was really important, and much-needed. So it’s exactly what I did, with a bit of help from my own teens. This is how the Confidence. Compassion. Control. programme was born.

It is a programme designed especially for young people, just like you, to give them some simple tools they can use every day to feel better, and face whatever comes their way.

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What to Expect

There are 6 x 90min very practical, live sessions in groups of max 8 people.

  • You’ll be comfortable being your true self
  • You’ll discover your strengths and values, and boost your self-esteem
  • You’ll learn to build your own resilience and deal with criticism
  • You’ll discover the tools to deal with stress and anxiety
  • You’ll learn how to change the language and thinking you use every day to help yourself.

See what some of my graduates have to say about the Teens’ Programme: 

Session 1 - Who Am I?

You will discover who you truly are, deep down. There’s no judgement here, and no right or wrong answers. You will learn what your strengths are, what you love doing, and what you value most. Once you align whatever you do in your life with your values, you’ll see how fast your self-esteem and confidence grow.

You’ll also discover your personality type. It will all help you to answer the question “Who am I – really?”

Session 2 - Growth Mindset vs Fixed

You’ll discover the power of the word ‘yet’ and how it helps shift your thinking.

You’ll understand the importance of tweaking challenges into opportunities; prioritising learning over seeking approval; focusing on the learning journey instead of the end result; how not to give up when faced with difficulties; how to deal with mistakes; and much more.

Session 3 - Help! What do I do when stressed and anxious?

Immerse yourself into a world of peace, calmness and tranquillity in this session.

You’ll have great fun practising mindfulness, meditation and tuning into your body’s senses.

It will give you a sense of understanding your own emotions, feelings and reactions, and will equip you with simple techniques for your whole life journey.

Session 4 - Unhelpful Thinking

“He thinks I’m stupid“, “I should do better next time”, “Gosh, he’s so annoying“, “The teacher just doesn’t like me, I’m sure – she always picks on me, just me.”

Sounds familiar? Yes, we all do it. And no, it’s not helpful to anybody to think that way.

You’ll see how easily you can change that, how good you’ll feel after, and how your friends, teachers and parents will start treating you differently.

Session 5 - Compassion and Taking Control of your Life

Learning how to be your own best friend, how to deal with being criticised, how to resolve tough situations you find yourself in, how to take responsibility for your own decisions, how to show empathy towards yourself and others, and how all of that will help you later on in life.

You’ll learn some great coaching techniques you can use easily every day.

You’ll discover tools for being assertive, and what to do when you feel overwhelmed.

Session 6 - The Big Wrap Up

The last session gives you an opportunity to put into practice what you’ve discovered throughout the course. You’ll also learn how to receive and give feedback.





What My Graduates Say About the Course…

“I find myself using a lot of techniques (the turning ‘sorrys’ into ‘thankyous’, meditation) without even realising it. They are super helpful in moments when things just get super overwhelming. My confidence in myself has increased and I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone.”

“I’ve already started to use the techniques and they’ve helped me feel more secure within myself.”

“The course gave me a great insight into understanding the relationship your mindset has with your confidence. In certain situations, you tend to brush off small factors that end up playing a big role in your confidence levels. For example the ‘facts vs opinions’ task showed how you could handle any sort of criticism, by telling yourself ‘it’s just an opinion’. Quick and easy methods like that are what I feel as though people should be aware of; so in terms of recommending this course, I’d 100% encourage it as an educational opportunity for individuals of all ages.”

“The course gave me a lot of useful tools that I can use in my daily life. I’d definitely recommend it. I believe it’s a great course especially for young adults that are struggling with finding their own confidence.”

“I would highly recommend it. I found it very useful and it enabled me to apply the techniques easily every day.”

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