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  • Maybe you’re just starting out as a manager and you feel overwhelmed?
  • Or you’re not sure how to manage virtual, dispersed teams?
  • Maybe you’ve been a leader for a while and you’re finding there’s a poor communication, resistance to change within your team and lack of trust, and you’re not sure how to deal with it all?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who is starting out and isn’t sure whether it’s all worth it?
  • Or you work alone, from home, and you need to bounce your ideas off someone –  an accountability partner?
  • Are you secretly doubting yourself and want to get your confidence back?

I understand how challenging your leadership role can be, as I was a leader myself for over ten years. I also get how difficult and overwhelming everything you want to do feels when you doubt yourself and your decisions.

Whether it is through lack of support, going through divorce, losing your business, losing your home, going bankrupt …….well, I do understand as it was also me few years back.

Through working with me on 1:1 basis you will:

  • Get to understand yourself better
  • Discover where you want to be and how to get there
  • Understand the ‘why’ behind your own actions, and those of the people you manage
  • See that all you need for your confidence journey is already inside you
  • Feel empowered to take action

Some of my Kasia Murphy One-to-One clients:

“Coaching sessions with Kasia were a complete life changer for me! They helped me acknowledge my team’s different personalities and I have become more self-aware of my own leadership style and have better and more meaningful 1 to 1 conversations within my team. Kasia was great not only at explaining new skills but also at supporting me in applying them. The coaching sessions helped me become a better, more mindful leader, improve my communication skills and build stronger relationships within my team. I would 100% recommend Kasia to any manager, regardless of how long they have been in their role!”

Ilona Zadrozna

TSA Co-ordinator, MK College

“With my recent chats with Kasia she has been a massive help to myself within finding ways to build my confidence and dealing with difficult situations. I have learnt a lot within a couple of chats with her and I use the different techniques in my day to day job role now. Kasia is so lovely, and listened to all my problems I had going on and helped me find solutions.  Thank you so much!”

Lily Horton

Site Assistant Manager, Taylor Wimpey South Midlands

“My coaching sessions with Kasia have really helped to clarify what I want and how I can achieve it. My sessions with her have been very useful in helping me articulate challenges I am going through and guiding me to finding solutions. She has been very helpful and supportive and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help on resilience, confidence and leadership.”

Men's Programme Client

“I discovered I had a severe case of Impostor Syndrome, which was preventing me from moving my business forward, and started working with Kasia. She provides a very secure environment where I felt free to discuss confidential information in a very relaxed safe environment.

“Kasia listened to all my concerns and provided a range of simple yet powerful exercises available every week, that could be applied both personally and within the business. This provided me with regular thought-provoking opportunities to stand back and review my effectiveness, and develop plans and actions and a positive outlook throughout.

“Kasia’s expertise and wealth of knowledge were very beneficial to me and my business; I learned so much and am sure it will benefit the productivity of my business now and in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kasia Murphy Consulting to others to help them in their business and personal lives.”

Annmarie James


“I had regular coaching sessions with Kasia. Among other things, the sessions made me realise why I was stressed and how to manage it.

“I also discovered a new approach to my management style which helped me with better developing my team, using my time in more efficient ways and creating a trusting environment for my people, where they don’t feel afraid of coming to me with anything. As a result of my coaching sessions with Kasia, I feel much more confident in my role and my team members’ performance has improved a great deal.

“Kasia has a very unique style of letting you discover things for yourself and helps you find ways of solving your issues. She is a very warm person with lots of knowledge and gives you great tools to work with.”

Karl Haddon

Senior Site Agent, Taylor-Wimpey South Midlands


“Since establishing her own company, Kasia has worked alongside John Lewis conducting a site-wide work/life balance survey, covering a large group of operational Partners at our flagship Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes.  From the outset, Kasia has exceeded our expectations, delivering a suite of results which have provided an impressive insight into our working culture here at Magna Park.  Kasia was diligent and professional throughout the project, which proved thorough and comprehensive in content.  I would not hesitate in recommending Kasia to any forward-thinking organisations wishing to further explore their working environment.”

John Munnelly, Head of Operations


“Kasia was great in helping me launch my latest project. Without her, there’s no way I’d have got all the work done in the deadlines that I set myself. She was excellent in helping me get my thoughts nice and clear on paper, and then also setting deadlines and having some accountability towards finishing the project. It was excellent. Sometimes, as a self-employed person that can be quite difficult to do, so having someone to bounce ideas off, structure my thoughts, and actually put them into action was everything that I needed. Thanks Kasia!”

Adam Gibson, Owner and Head Coach


“I recently had the good fortune to work with Kasia on a need to improve my own work habits.  I felt my daily routine needed improvement to improve productivity, but I was unable to effectively identify and correct the problem myself.  After just one session with Kasia, I was able to make a change in one critical work habit that had a significant effect upon my workday.  Kasia did not do this through lectures or motivational sermons.  Instead she worked with me in a manner that made it seem as though I had discovered the problem myself and designed the solution.  Yet, without her engagement with me it never would have happened.  Kasia is nonjudgmental, enthusiastic, insightful, and very pleasant to work with.  Any time spent working with her will be productive, enjoyable and time well spent.”

Robert Burnham, Manager for Europe



“I really enjoyed the coaching experience with Kasia. It was a great opportunity to take a pause, step back and  reflect deeper about the matter itself and my internal motives and feelings. The theoretical background and explanations provided by Kasia helped me  realize the mechanisms of my behaviour and consequences which they cause. I felt perfectly understood by my coach. Now it is my task to work at improvements, using the outcome of the coaching sessions.”

Vitaliy Vilinchuk, Sales Team Leader

Confidence Programme Graduates


“My confidence in myself has increased  and I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone.”


“I’d 100% encourage it as an educational opportunity for individuals of all ages.”


“The course gave me a lot of useful tools that I can use in my daily life.”


“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be.”

Tom Landry

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