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Courage. Compassion. Connection.

Educating people in emotional intelligence has traditionally been lacking in our culture, but this is particularly true for men. My 2020 survey told me that men want to be supported, and want to be shown how to support others too. 

85% of men who took part in the survey think there’s a strong need for a dedicated programme for men;

95% think there’s a strong need to coach male leaders on how to support both men and women emotionally;

Over 90% feel stressed at work, either sometimes or always;

And yet, over 50% of men say they do not have a “safe space” or opportunity at work to talk about how they feel.

So I’ve created a programme on exactly these topics, and only for men. Here’s what it’s all about…

What to Expect

Courses are tailored to the individuals or organisations represented on them, but will always cover the following:


  • The power of vulnerability and authenticity – how can I be my true self?
  • How do I listen to others?  And are difficult conversations really about what they seem to be?
  • How can I respond to others‘ displays of emotions at work?
  • The power of empathy: empathy vs sympathy and how to help others
  • How to look after myself: holistic approach to my mental and physical wellbeing
  • How can I show compassion to myself and others?

Module 1 - Understanding Myself

  • Who am I really? – me professionally and me privately
  • My mindset
  • My values
  • How do I cope with my emotions and feelings?
  • What is my role as a man? How does it feel to be a man? What is expected of me? What kind of man would I like to be?

Module 2 - How to Manage my Mental Wellbeing

  • How to be confidently vulnerable
  • Self-coaching
  • Dealing with stress
  • Things I can and can’t control
  • Calming my busy mind
  • Building resilience toolkit

Module 3 - Empathy and Compassion (Self-Compassion)

  • What is empathy
  • Empathy vs sympathy
  • What is Compassion? How to be compassionate towards myself and others
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Introduction to meditation

Module 4 - Confidence and Assertiveness

  • How to build my confidence
  • How to be assertive
  • How to create boundaries
  • How to talk openly – without fear of judgment
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs

Module 5 - Communicate with Confidence

  • How to listen (active listening)
  • How to think on your feet
  • Speaking up during meetings
  • Confident communication with your client/boss/partner
  • The power of words

Module 6 - My Mental Wellbeing Plan of Action

  • Dealing with stress – toolkit
  • Looking after myself
  • My work-life balance
  • Diet and fitness
  • Preventing burnout
  • How to prevent wellbeing breakdown

Course Options

You can select from three options for your Men’s Programme experience – Light, Medium or Intense. We cover all of the above material whichever option you choose, but there are more one to one support sessions and time for in-depth discussion with experts.

The first Men’s course begins on 12th April 2021. There is space for 8 participants at any one time to restrict numbers and keep the sessions exclusive, and each session in the Light experience is 90 mins long. 

Mentors will play a key part on the course – inspirational male leaders with years of experience in succesfully managing diverse, international teams (details to be confirmed).

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, sign up for detailed course information below.

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