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You just received your first promotion to a managerial role.

Suddenly you’re faced with new responsibilities,  and you’re the one in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly. Are your people working well together? Are they motivated? Do they perform to the level they should?

Are you ready for your new tasks of hiring and firing, discipline, feedback, praise, communicating with senior management? So many challenges are likely to come your way – are you prepared to handle them?

If not, you may be feeling some of these things…

  • Overwhelmed by the pressure of your new role
  • Uncertain about your decisions
  • Judged on everything you do, not only by your subordinates but also by your superiors
  • Out of your depth
  • Anxious and stressed
  • Worried that you might not be good enough for the job

You’re not alone in your feelings, as a lot  of companies still consider the best way to train first time managers is to use the “SINK OR SWIM” method.

You suddenly realise you have to figure it all out on your own. It is widely assumed that everyone intuitively knows how to manage. Well, THEY DON’T.

Welcome to the challenging yet exciting world of LEADERSHIP, where being successful is about valuing and understanding the most complex of all systems – people! And this is where the FIRST TIME MANAGERS PROGRAMME can help.

What to Expect

There are 6 x 3 hrs of practical live sessions in groups of up to 8 people. (The online version of the course is 8 x 2 hrs of virtual sessions in groups of up to 8.)

At the end of the programme you will:

  • Feel confident and competent in your new leadership role, able to manage, develop and delegate easily
  • Understand the way you think, the way you conduct yourself, and the way you are as a leader
  • Know how to build trust and relationships
  • Be able to employ empathy, and have real, sincere conversations
  • Be able to tackle those difficult conversations
  • Understand the psychology behind your people’s behaviours
  • Know how to use WORDS wisely
  • Deal confidently with stress and pressure using the handy tools you’ve learned.

If you care about becoming an authentic leader who earns the respect and commitment of your team by being real and genuine, then this is the programme for you.

Session 1 - Where do I start?

We begin by learning how to connect with people – your team, your customers, and your senior management. You’ll discover techniques for building trust and confidence, and showing appreciation. You’ll also learn how to be an active listener, and the importance of emotional intelligence and feelings. We’ll discuss common pitfalls to avoid, and you’ll find out how to settle on your personal management style.

Session 2 - How do I handle my new duties?

Here’s where we start on the nuts and bolts of management. You’ll learn how to build a team dynamic, and foster team spirit. Then we’ll cover those difficult conversations – managing problem employees, disciplining, and dealing with resistance to change. Hiring, interviewing and firing will also be on the agenda.

Session 3 - Managing myself in a new role

This one’s all about you – managing your own time with your new responsibilities, including how, when and what to delegate. We’ll look at how to manage your own wellbeing, coping with stress, and how to develop positive, compassionate behaviour towards yourself. You’ll also have all the tools you need to build a positive self image, and to have confidence in it.

Session 4 - How to build motivation, relationships and engagement

You’ll learn how to show appreciation and encouragement for a job well done, as well as setting a coaching and development framework for your staff that’s clear and easy to follow and manage. We’ll bridge the communication gap, and talk about how to improve outcomes, give feedback, manage appraisals, and how to communicate with your superiors too.

Session 5 - Meetings and Presentations

Many people find this part of the job nerve-wracking – giving presentations to peers and superiors, and contributing effectively and confidently in meetings. Here’s where you’ll learn how to do all of these things, and how to do them with honesty and maximum impact. We’ll also cover facilitating, and how to get the best outcomes from your contributors.

Session 6 - Wrap Up

In this session we bring it all together, and summarise the key elements of what you’ve learned. We’ll also talk about two other very important aspects of the professional life – having a work-life balance that brings out the best in you, and a sense of humour!

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