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“Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting, and most importantly, a way of communicating.”

Simon Sinek, Author and Organisational Consultant

Research Based Consulting

We are Business Psychologists and Researchers who use tailor made surveys to advise businesses on action plan for effective change.

We specialise in:

  • Employees’ needs
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Organisational Commitment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Well-being at work

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Management Development Training

Our high quality Management Development Program is sharply focused on what’s happening in your organisation right now. 

It is highly practical, and it covers a wide range of the essential skills needed to work effectively with people. Whether you are just starting in your first managerial position, or you have been a leader for a number of years, we can offer development tailored to your specific  needs.

The main focus of all of our workshops and development days is on creating relationships at work that work long-term.

This is achieved by understanding your own self, and your limitations – as we ALL have them.

You and your staff will learn to recognise how we all pre-judge others, and how we naturally create assumptions and jump to conclusions which do not necessarily help with sustaining good relationships.


Management Development Workshops

  • First-time manager
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • How to become comfortable with  difficult conversations
  • Feedback and recognition giving skills
  • How to look after yourself at work (burnout, stress at work, well-being, anxiety)

Management does not come naturally to everyone, and appointing someone into a manager’s position does not give them the skills of a good manager overnight.

Successful candidates are often appointed based on their performance and knowledge of the organisation, which is important – but to get the best out of your team, you need skills beyond those of being an excellent technician.

To be a manager, as Richard Branson put it, you need to “generally like people”: and managers need to focus on people, not just  tasks.

Our First-Time manager programme will give you all the tools to help you in your new role: building a team dynamic; managing problem employees; being comfortable with difficult conversations; delegating; building relationships; managing risks; and much more.

We strongly believe coaching is not reserved just for a scheduled coaching session with your staff; it’s a management style which very often they’re not even aware of.

We believe in coaching as a choice of leading employees each and every day.

It is a skill.

It is a skill that every leader should acquire early on in his/her role.

As with every skill it can be taught and practised, and over  time it becomes  second nature.

In Coaching Skills we will cover:

  • Active listening
  • Questioning
  • Creating a safe space to talk, think and experiment
  • Giving feedback
  • Showing empathy
  • Letting the coachee arrive at their own solution
  • Encouraging a solution-focused approach

We all encounter them: whether big or small, they are a part of life.

We also all have different approaches to difficult conversations.

The important thing, especially at work, is to be able to manage arguments before they become too big for a conversation to resolve them.

Difficult conversations are difficult for a simple reason: they are most often about things that are unspoken…our feelings.

We often carry incorrect assumptions about others, and we judge them and form opinions which are later difficult to change. This does not give us a good headstart in managing difficult conversations.

One skill which kills arguments quite easily is…listening. However, it’s a skill that we might think we are good at, but more often than not – we aren’t. It’s the difference between resolving problems with a conversation, and escalating them. 

During our Difficult Conversation program you will learn: active listening skills; empathy; becoming aware of your own behaviour during conflicts and how to manage yourself and others; how to spot unspoken feelings; and how to manage emotions.

The power of a simple ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ is quite often overlooked in the workplace.

Praise and recognition can do wonders for employee engagement, meeting needs, and increasing overall well-being at work.

The best thing ever is that it’s free – there is no cost involved for an organisation.

However, the cost becomes quite big when recognition is scarce, and employees either leave or ‘don’t give a damn’.

Feedback not given properly can trigger defensiveness, irritation, unclear focus, lack of trust and a slump in performance levels.

So what will you get out of the workshop?


  • Understanding how recognition impacts employees’ behaviour
  • Becoming aware of your management style
  • Understanding when and how to praise and give recognition
  • Being clear on giving feedback, and understanding how what you say triggers emotional reactions
  • Understanding the importance of honesty over a ‘cotton wool’ approach to tackling problems
  • And much more….

In busy and stressful periods of work we tend to ‘tough it out’ and forget about how we actually feel. We do it quite well and in fact we often become masters in ‘just getting on with it’; however, we pay the price at the end, when the adrenalin subsides.

For some it might be months, for some – years. We end up with burnout, stress, anxiety and depression.

Understanding the importance of having more fun, living fully, playing more, allowing ourselves more breaks and more sleep, sometimes is not on the agenda.

Here comes: Mindfulness !

Our short workshop will give you a base for practising techniques to combat stress, anxiety and depression; learn the value of acceptance; choose how to respond to unwanted experiences; and improve your overall happiness and wellbeing.

Executive Coaching

Senior Managers and Executives rarely get time and space to actually re-think their own behaviours and work relationships.

Coaching gives this safe space to stop, think and explore development issues on a deeper level. For coachees/leaders,  it also fills the gaps of knowledge and of understanding themselves and their behaviour better.  

We help leaders see how they interact with their staff and peers and we point out how to use their own strengths to tackle issues they might be facing, all in a confidential environment. 

We use a plethora of psychometric tools to enhance the coaching experience, and our qualified coaches have helped leaders to transform themselves and their organisation through insight, action and feedback. 

The coaching sessions usually take place  once a month and the process lasts between 3-8 sessions. 

Group Coaching

If you’ve got sustained, long-term, organisation-wide change in mind – or you simply want to improve communication across departments – then Group Coaching is essential for your success. 

Group Coaching creates a safe space for intimate conversations, in a group of usually no more than 6-8 people. It is focused on goal-setting, it deepens awareness around key issues, and raises responsibility and accountability for actions.

This approach is particularly good for businesses who find themselves working in departmental silos, as communication across different parts of the organisation is actively opened up and encouraged, promoting stronger connections and networks, and sharing learning. 

Group coaching examples for your organisation:

  • Coaching for new managers as a follow-on to leadership training, with conversations occurring monthly over a period of six months/a year
  • Coaching for managers from different departments, who do not normally have frequent contact. A monthly meetup, facilitated by a coach, can be used to discuss issues and create a support system. This can be particularly useful during times of major organisational change. 

Our Clients

Infineum Kasia Murphy consulting
Merck Kasia Murphy consulting


“Since establishing her own company, Kasia has worked alongside John Lewis conducting a site-wide work/life balance survey, covering a large group of operational Partners at our flagship Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes.  From the outset, Kasia has exceeded our expectations, delivering a suite of results which have provided an impressive insight into our working culture here at Magna Park.  Kasia was diligent and professional throughout the project, which proved thorough and comprehensive in content.  I would not hesitate in recommending Kasia to any forward-thinking organisations wishing to further explore their working environment.”

John Munnelly, Head of Operations


“Kasia was great in helping me launch my latest project. Without her, there’s no way I’d have got all the work done in the deadlines that I set myself. She was excellent in helping me get my thoughts nice and clear on paper, and then also setting deadlines and having some accountability towards finishing the project. It was excellent. Sometimes, as a self-employed person that can be quite difficult to do, so having someone to bounce ideas off, structure my thoughts, and actually put them into action was everything that I needed. Thanks Kasia!”

Adam Gibson, Owner and Head Coach



“I recently had the good fortune to work with Kasia on a need to improve my own work habits.  I felt my daily routine needed improvement to improve productivity, but I was unable to effectively identify and correct the problem myself.  After just one session with Kasia, I was able to make a change in one critical work habit that had a significant effect upon my workday.  Kasia did not do this through lectures or motivational sermons.  Instead she worked with me in a manner that made it seem as though I had discovered the problem myself and designed the solution.  Yet, without her engagement with me it never would have happened.  Kasia is nonjudgmental, enthusiastic, insightful, and very pleasant to work with.  Any time spent working with her will be productive, enjoyable and time well spent.”

Robert Burnham, Manager for Europe




“I really enjoyed the coaching experience with Kasia. It was a great opportunity to take a pause, step back and  reflect deeper about the matter itself and my internal motives and feelings. The theoretical background and explanations provided by Kasia helped me  realize the mechanisms of my behaviour and consequences which they cause. I felt perfectly understood by my coach. Now it is my task to work at improvements, using the outcome of the coaching sessions.”

Vitaliy Vilinchuk, Sales Team Leader


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